Cool.CMS - the "New Generation" online content management engine, it addresses online publishing needs with a comprehensive set of editing and management tools.

The content management components:

  • Site manager
    • Create pages from templates or existing site pages
    • Edit page menus
    • Manage the site image gallery
    • Quick View of existing live pages
    • Control update publishing either immediate or by programmed date
    • Page info view and update
  • Editor
    • Pre-View complete pages in offline edit session
    • Edit page content text with image placement
    • Include new images (upload then drag and drop)
    • Layout editor allowing adding or removing of page sections
    • Code view and edit for experts.
  • User manager
    • Administrator access for sitewide management
    • Create user accounts with rights to pages and features
    • Administrator access to session and access logs

Cool.CMS Catalogue module - adds catalogue and transaction processing for e-commerce. Includes stock/catalogue management and transaction accounting.

The catalogue components:

  • Catalogue page generator - designed template driven
  • Stock control administration page by page item list view
  • Catalogue page delivery engine - automatic site publishing
  • Checkout module - Item accounting with shipping and tax calculation.
  • Payment portal interface modules - to suit merchant service provider.
  • Transaction administration - to view logged transactions.

Cool.CMS Data-Capture module - adds data collection for visitor registration and mail list generation and management.

The data capture components:
  • Configuration of online data capture page forms
  • Display, sort and edit captured data
  • Record Select and mailing
  • Data export

Cool.CMS Software delivery module - adds a software disrtibution portal to your site. This may be to fulfil software sales using the catalogue module or to provide controlled download (login access) for software support.

Software delivery components:
  • User access configuration or connect to catalogue payment
  • File upload manager
  • File delivery engine